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I am a left below knee (transtibial) amputee. I was an avid bicyclist until I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident in 2009. One year to the day after that accident, I threw my leg over the saddle and got back on the motorcycle. However, though I have been known to use a stationary bike at the gym or set my own bicycle up on a trainer and pedal away, it has been a struggle to motivate myself to actually get outside and ride my bicycle. That is until late April of this year, when I hopped on and rode 2.2 miles around my neighborhood at an average speed of just over 9 miles/hour.

I expect my posts will revolve around my cycling activities (I belong to the US Military Vets MC, a three-patch motorcycle club, and the Hanover Cyclers, a bicycling club) but have other interests that will likely pop up, including photography, gardening, geocaching, and genealogy (to name a few).

I am a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. After my service, I attended and graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a degree in Accounting but retired as a software engineer. I have a daughter and two grandchildren.

NOTE: This is about the four hundred and third iteration of my attempt to start blogging with some regularity.